Jotun Hull Skating Solutions


Always clean hull – for the most challenging operations

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions delivers an always clean hull and help ship operators combat early stage fouling, significantly reduce fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and the spread of invasive species.

Expected savings with Hull Skating Solutions

This calculator estimates expected fuel- and CO2 savings compared to market average over a 5 year docking interval. Feel free to fill in parameters to match your operation.

Did you know that:

«… the CO2 saving in this case is equal to the emission from cars in 5 years»

Idle situation

Challenging Operations affect efficiency

The accumulation of fouling over time leads to a significant drop in performance and an increase in the vessel’s fuel consumption and environmental footprint. To counter this, ship operators select anti-fouling coatings for specific operating conditions. However, these coatings may not always be optimal due to changing operational profiles and factors outside coating tolerance.

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Environmental challenges

Environmentalism has joined economics as a driving factor in the shipping industry and its effect has impacted on both technology and regulation. Two major, inter-linked, environmental challenges in the industry are reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and preventing the transfer of invasive species through biofouling.

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Illustration - Proactive cleaning surface

Jotun introduces proactive cleaning

As the environmental and hull performance implications of fouling are better understood, innovative solutions are required to combat fouling. Jotun’s proactive cleaning solution is a ground-breaking new approach engineered to ensure optimal business and environmental performance as compared to conventional reactive cleaning methods.

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In view of the Coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic situation and the need to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our invited guests, we had to cancel our planned launch event in Oslo. Instead, we have recorded a short version of the event, watch above event video to learn more about the Jotun Hull Skating Solution and the partnership that has led to this groundbreaking solution.

Hull Skating Solutions

To combat fouling and help address the challenges faced by owners and operators, Jotun introduces proactive cleaning through its Hull Skating Solutions, a ground-breaking approach engineered to keep the hull free of fouling at all times.

The Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is made up of the following five elements:

How does it work

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is in operation all through the drydocking cycle. What are the practical implications of the solution?

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Illustration photo of ocean - Why choose HSS

Why choose Jotun Hull Skating Solutions?

Advanced hull coatings are tailormade for defined types of trade and operations. Choosing an optimal hull coating solution depends on predicting future operations. At the same time, changing market conditions make this prediction challenging with respect to the availability of cargo, the number of idle days and the environmental conditions affecting the growth of fouling.

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Hull Skater CU XRAY illustration

Meet the HullSkater

Jotun’s Hull Skating Solutions provides the industry with a highly professional and revolutionary hull cleaning and inspection technology. A primary component is the onboard Jotun HullSkater technology.

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Our partnerships

The revolutionary method for hull cleaning and inspection has been developed jointly by Jotun and its partners through exclusive co-operation agreements. Key partners include:

Final verification phase

Test missions have been successfully carried out on a range of vessels around the globe, and we are now in the final verification phase, leading up to making the Jotun Hull Skating Solutions fully commercialised in 2021.

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