Why choose Jotun Hull Skating Solutions?

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions (HSS)provides market leading hull performance by combining advanced coating systems with proactive, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly inspections and cleaning.

Benefits of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions

Full operational flexibility and unlimited idle days

HSS gives the vessel full operational flexibility with unlimited idle days. This is achieved by combining fouling prediction with the onboard capability to inspect and proactively clean before hard growth takes hold and prior to changing geographical bio-environments. This reduces downtime for unplanned, reactive, inspections and cleaning.

Reduced fuel costs

The ability to engage in cleaning the hull proactively allows the hull to be maintained at peak performance, thereby reducing emissions whilst saving fuel costs as compared to market average. A reference Bulk Carrier using HSS for 60 months will save $2,830,000 as compared to market average.

Reduced environmental footprint

A continuously clean hull improves fuel consumption resulting in lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The reference Bulk Carrier using HSS for 60 months will reduce CO2 emissions by 17,600 tons (12.5%).

Reduced risk of spreading invasive species

The IMO has published Guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species. The timely removal of light hull biofouling at its geographical origin reduces the risk of spreading invasive species in the oceans and coastal waters.

Verification capabilities

Many incidents at sea trigger the need for underwater hull inspection. HullSkater onboard enables the hull to be inspected at any time, 24/7. HSS also provides documentary evidence of hull cleaning for Port Authorities prior to arrival.