Final verification stage

Live testing of the HullSkater technology on a submerged test structure began in mid-2017. In early 2018, the first pilot vessel was equipped with a HullSkater system setup and has since circumnavigated the globe five times, with more than 100 port calls.

Test missions including technical piloting have been successfully conducted in more than 90% of these ports. In cooperation with our dedicated shipping partners, we have successfully tested the HullSkater system on a range of vessel types such as car-carriers, bulkers, naval vessels and container vessels.

In addition to permanently installing the unit on vessels in operation, we also conducted extensive and frequent testing in one of the world’s busiest marine hubs. This testing has been carried out to validate the interaction between the HullSkater device itself, the brush and the SeaQuantum Skate coating and thoroughly document that the proactive cleaning process does not lead to any additional erosion of the antifouling coating or pollution of the environment.

The final verification phase allows Jotun and its partners to further test and improve the technology across various segments. A number of HullSkater units are already in operation and the aim is to scale up in a controlled, step-by-step manner so that we can follow up customers closely.

Our control centre in Norway will closely monitor the units and work together with our regional hubs to make sure we are able to offer our customers full and prompt service 24/7.

During the final verification phase, Jotun will hold talks with interested parties, including operators, port authorities, cleaning service companies and other industry stakeholders to discuss the development of the HullSkater and how it can further introduced and implemented throughout the globe. The HullSkater technology will be fully commercialised by 2021.

More information will be provided in this section.