How does it work?


During drydocking the painting process is supervised by a certified Jotun Project Manager, who also is responsible for the installation of the Jotun HullSkater and the Skate Station.


In Jotun Hull Skating Solutions, big data and advanced algorithms are used to predict the probability of fouling, and to identify when the Skater needs to be deployed for an inspection and potentially proactive cleaning mission.

Inspection Mission

When alerted by the fouling prediction algorithm, the Jotun Skate Operator contacts the ship to schedule an inspection mission. The Jotun HullSkater can be operated in port or at anchor, as long as there is sufficient 4G coverage for communication.

Proactive Cleaning Mission

During the inspection mission, if light fouling is detected, the Skate Operator initiates proactive cleaning. If time does not allow for a proactive cleaning mission, then the Jotun Skate Operator agrees with the ship when the next opportunity will be.

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