Hull Skating Solutions

The Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is made up of five elements, and provides a proactive, condition based approach to in-service maintenance helping maximise hull performance in combination with Jotun’s SeaQuantum Skate coating.

To combat fouling and help address the challenges faced by owners and operators, Jotun introduces proactive cleaning through its Hull Skating Solution, a ground-breaking approach engineered to keep the hull free of fouling at all times.

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High performance coatings

Jotun’s ‘SeaQuantum Skate’ coating has been developed specifically to optimize performance in combination with the HullSkater technology. The new coating builds upon the excellent performance of the SeaQuantum brand, which is the result of over 20 years research and development in silyl acrylate technologies. SeaQuantum Skate is the only coating tailored for Hull Skating.

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Proactive condition monitoring

This is an essential component of predictive hull maintenance. Jotun’s in-house analysts make fouling predictions based on big data trends, algorithms and analyses, and advise customers on when to carry out hull maintenance. This also includes oceanographic assessment for fouling prediction and enabling the Skate Operator to perfectly time the deployment of the system.

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Inspection and proactive cleaning

The HullSkater is the first robotic device that has been purposed designed for proactive cleaning. It has high inspection and cleaning capacity and removes fouling without damaging the anti-fouling coating. The HullSkater is always kept onboard in a portable station with launch and recovery ramp. This means that it is always available and can be used when the ship is in harbour or at anchor.

Meet the HullSkater
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High-end technical service

The solution includes highly skilled coating advisors who ensure high performance coating application, including a comprehensive regime for measuring and documenting the quality of the application process. Also, every delivery of this solution is supported by a certified project manager, overseeing the application process and ensuring smooth instalment and set-up of the robotics. The HullSkater is remotely operated by Skate Operators working in our “follow the sun” operating hubs, enabling 24/7 support.

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Clean hull guarantee

Our confidence in Jotun’s Hull Skating Solutions allows us to offer performance and service level guarantees fitting the needs of the most challenging operations.