Meet the HullSkater

Jotun’s Hull Skating Solutions provides the industry with a highly professional and revolutionary inspection and proactive hull cleaning technology. A primary component is the onboard Jotun HullSkater technology.

Interactive 3D model of the Jotun HullSkater

HullSkater 3D model

You can explore the key components of the Jotun HullSkater in the interactive 3D model.

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How the HullSkater works

The Jotun HullSkater is a unique, disruptive technology for underwater inspections and proactive hull cleaning.

The system is designed and optimized for proactive cleaning using non-abrasive brushes to remove fouling without damaging the anti-fouling coating. The HullSkater is kept onboard at all times in a portable unit station with launch and recovery ramp. No divers are used so the HullSkater can be used not only when the ship is in harbour, but also at anchor.

The proactive cleaning approach minimises performance loss with no debris or waste so it is safe and environmentally friendly. The HullSkater has high capacity and is remotely operated from shore via 24/7 operating hubs. The system also has high definition inspection capabilities through multiple camera feeds, enabled by cloud-based storage, and self-supplied power. All digital data is uploaded to the cloud.